django-staticblocks 0.5

Use Django flatpages as static page block snippets
django-staticblocks is a Django application to use Django flatpages as static page block snippets.

Static Blocks:

Static blocks provides you with tools that lets content managers easily include flatpage content as a snippet in your templates.

The template designer will define page blocks in the templates. The content managers will choose which flatpage to use as the snippet.

You must have 'django.contrib.flatpages' in your INSTALLED_APPS.

To install, add 'staticblocks' to your INSTALLED_APPS and re-run syncdb.

Using it:

On the template level, define your static blocks with arbitrary string labels by passing the label into the scope of the included template snippet:

{% with "firstpageblock" as blockname %}
 {% include 'staticblock/widgets/block.html' %}
{% endwith %}

On the site, superusers will now be able to associate that page block with a flatpage, which will be pulled in as page content into that block.

You can customize the layout of the pulled-in block by editing or forking the templates staticblock/templates/staticblock/widgets/block.html and/or staticblock/templates/staticblock/widgets/title.html

last updated on:
October 31st, 2009, 4:21 GMT
developed by:
Ethan Jucovy and Rob Marianski
license type:
GPL v3 
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