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Easily replace things like :) and B-) with smilies on your Django-powered site.
django-smileys is an Django application that allows your Django-powered site to display those annoying and useless smileys whenever the smileys filter a pattern that you specify.

django-smileys serves a very simple purpose, but its uses can go beyond that of merely inserting smileys whenever a particular pattern (like ":)" or ";)"). It can replace whatever pattern you want with an image of your choosing. There's gotta be something useful in that, right?

django-smileys can make your blog, forums, photo galleries, user comments, etc a little more interesting, and it's very simple to install. Free icon sets plague the Internet, and you can choose whatever icons you'd like to use!


First of all, you must add this project to your list of INSTALLED_APPS in


Run syncdb. This creates a the table in your database that is necessary for operation.


Open the template file that you want to have your smileys appear in and make sure it has something like this in it:

{% load smiley_tags %}

{% block content %}
{{ some_content_var|smileys }}
{% endblock %}

The smiley_tags library provides you with a smileys filter, which will examine your database for all active smileys. It then runs though some_content_var (in this example) and replaces the patterns it finds with the respective smileys.

Main features:

  • Strict pattern matching: you can specify very strict patterns for your smileys
  • Regular expression pattern matching: if you need a little more power in your pattern matching capabilities, you can specify that your patterns are regular expressions (on a per-smiley basis) and the filter should know what to do.

last updated on:
January 3rd, 2011, 2:49 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Josh VanderLinden
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