django-quotidian 0.1

Adds snippets of text to your Django templates
django-quotidian is a very simple Django app that provides a way to stick a "quote" object into the context of your Django templates. Quotes are currently selected at random from the quotidian_quote database table ignoring any rows with the "public" field set to False.

Installing django-quotidian:

There are several ways to install this application.

You can run the following command in the django-quotidian directory:

    python install

You can also put the included quotidian directory on your Python path, or symlink to it from somewhere on your Python path.

Using django-quotidian:

1. Install django-quotidian as described above.
2. Create the quotidian_quote database table using syncdb.
3. Populate the new database table with whatever quotations, testimonials, hints, tips or snippets you want to use.
4. Add 'quotidian' to your project's INSTALLED_APPS setting.
5. Add 'quotidian.context_processors.random_public_quote' to your project's TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting.

Your template context will now include a variable named "a-quote" with the
following attributes:

* id                - The quote's database primary key.
* source            - Intended as a short attribution for the quote's contents.
* content           - The actual text of the quote.
* detailed_citation - Can be used for additional attribution.
* public            - A boolean flag controlling whether the quote should be
                      considered public or not. Currently only public quotes
                      will be selected.
* created           - The quote's creation timestamp.
* modified          - The quote's last modified timestamp.

Reporting problems or suggesting improvements:

Please use the issue tracker at the project's Bitbucket repository:

last updated on:
March 9th, 2011, 11:27 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Kevin Dias
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