django-package-skeleton 0.1-2-gf7bf

Skeleton package of Django App Package

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MIT/X Consortium License 
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django-package-skeleton is a Django app package skeleton.

The following features exists

- Testing demo django test project with
- Add Django apps required to execute test dynamically
- Automatically update the version number with git

How to use

1. Falk this project in your github
2. Rename package directory as your app name and fix as you want
3. Add your app in INSTALL_APPS in tests/

Testing demo django test project with

There is a simple blog django project in tests directory so just modify the project as you want and add:

 python test

will run the project tests

Add Django apps required to execute test dynamically

If your Django app required apps just for testing then you can use app_testcase.AppTestCase to add any django app dynamically in test

If you create some django field app and you want to test the field with simple Book model then you can

1. Create an simple app called yourfieldname/tests/apps/books

2. Create simple book models in yourfieldname/tests/apps/books/

3. Use yourfieldname.tests.app_testcase.AppTestCase insted of django.test.TestCase and add yourfieldname.tests.apps.books` in ``install_apps field of test case:

 from app_testcase import AppTestCase

 class YourFieldTestCase(AppTestCase):
 install_apps = [
 # write your tests

Automatically update the version number with git

The original idea came from

What you need to do is

1. Add annotated or signed tag with the following command:

 git tag -a 0.1

2. Then your git describe shows the tag name and python sdist create the tag named version package

3. If you change anything and commit, your git describe may change and that is used as new version number and it become miner version up

4. Add new annotated or signed tag when you release stable version.

Last updated on January 17th, 2012


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