django-object-tools icondjango-object-tools 0.0.7

Django app enabling painless creation of additional admin object tools
django-object-tools is a Django app enabling painless creation of additional admin object tools.


1. Install or add django-object-tools to your python path.

2. Add object_tools to your INSTALLED_APPS setting. django-object-tools overrides certain admin templates so you have to add it before django.contrib.admin.

3. Call object tool's autodiscover method. This works in a similar fashion as Django's admin; discovering which tools to render in admin. You can do this in any module that is called during initialization but we recommend doing it in, as illustrated in the next point.

4. Hook up URLConf. Do this by pointing a given URL at the tools.urls method. In this example, we register the default Tools instance at the URL /object-tools/:

 from django.conf.urls.defaults import *

 import object_tools


 urlpatterns = patterns('',
 (r'^object-tools/', include(,

5. Obviously Django Admin itself needs to be installed, as described here.

6. Remember to run syncdb whenever you install new tools to setup permissions.

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November 7th, 2012, 6:21 GMT
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Praekelt Foundation
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BSD License 
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