django-nose 1.1

Django test runner using nose
django-nose is a Django test runner that uses nose.


See ./ help test for all the options nose provides, and look to the nose docs for more help with nose.


Always Passing The Same Options

To always set the same command line options you can use a nose.cfg or setup.cfg (as usual) or you can specify them in like this:

NOSE_ARGS = ['--failed', '--stop']

Using Custom Plugins

If you need to make custom plugins, you can define each plugin class somewhere within your app and load them from like this:

 # ...

Just like middleware or anything else, each string must be a dot separated, importable path to an actual class. Each plugin class will be instantiated and added to the Nose test runner.


South installs its own test command that turns off migrations during testing. Make sure that django_nose comes after south in INSTALLED_APPS so that django_nose's test command is used.

last updated on:
May 22nd, 2012, 9:09 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Jeff Balogh
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What's New in This Release:
  • Django TransactionTestCases don't clean up after themselves; they leave junk in the DB and clean it up only on _pre_setup. Thus, Django makes sure these tests run last. Now django-nose does, too. This means one fewer source of failures on existing projects. (Erik Rose)
  • Add support for hygienic TransactionTestCases. (Erik Rose)
  • Support models that are used only for tests. Just put them in any file imported in the course of loading tests. No more crazy hacks necessary. (Erik Rose)
  • Make the fixture bundler more conservative, fixing some conceivable situations in which fixtures would not appear as intended if a TransactionTestCase found its way into the middle of a bundle. (Erik Rose)
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