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Django app to moderate model objects




django-monitor is a Django app to moderate model objects. It was started as a clone of django-gatekeeper project but with some different set of requirements.The name monitor is just to distinguish it from an existing project, django-moderation. (The terms, monitor and moderate are used with same meaning everywhere in the source.)

Here, the moderation process is well integrated with django-admin. That is, all moderation actvities are performed from within the changelist page itself.

The detailed documentation is available at and in the docs/ directory inside the source path.


- Download the latest version from the bitbucket repo:

- Install using the setuptools as given below:

 python install

- Or copy the django_monitor directory to some place in your python path.

- Add 'django_monitor' to your project's settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Basic usage (developers)

 Register the model for moderation using monitor.nq.


 import django_monitor
 from django.db import models
 class MyModel(models.Model):


 Inherit MonitorAdmin, not ModelAdmin for moderated models.

 # in your
 from django_monitor.admin import MonitorAdmin
 class MyAdmin(MonitorAdmin):

 from django.contrib import admin, MyAdmin)

More details at Or check the docs/ directory inside the source path, if you are working offline.
Last updated on August 4th, 2012

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