django-kvstore 1.0

An extensible key-value store backend for Django applications
django-kvstore is a Django module that provides an abstraction layer for accessing a key-value storage.

Configuring your key-value store is a matter of adding a statement in this form to your Django settings module:

KEY_VALUE_STORE_BACKEND = 'scheme://store?parameters'

Where scheme is one of the following, persistent stores:

 * db (local table accessed through Django's database connection)
 * googleappengine (Google AppEngine data store)
 * sdb (Amazon SimpleDB)
 * tokyotyrant (Tokyo Tyrant)

And some non-persistent stores, provided mainly for testing purposes:

 * locmem
 * memcached

store and parameters varies from one backend to another. Refer to the documentation included in each backend implementation for further details.

You can define a django_kvstore-backed custom model, in a fashion similar to Django models (although it does not support querying, except by primary key lookup).

Here's an example of a custom model class using django_kvstore:

from django_kvstore import models

class MyData(models.Model):
 my_key = models.Field(pk=True)
 foo = models.Field()
 bar = models.Field()

Typical usage for such a model:

key = "something_unique"
data = MyData.get(key)
if data is None:
 data = MyData(my_key=key) = "foo" = "bar"

and deletion:

key = "something_unique"
data = MyData.get(key)
if data is not None:

last updated on:
January 27th, 2010, 14:17 GMT
developed by:
Six Apart Ltd.
license type:
BSD License 
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