django-kitsune 0.2.2

A Django Admin app to perform host server monitoring
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django-kitsune is a Django Admin app to perform host server monitoring. A control panel will be added to the Admin in order to configure hosts, checks and monitor check results. Notification rules can be defined to notify administrator users by mail. All host shall have access to a common database in order to get information about scheduled jobs and check jobs to run.


To install Kitsune:

1. easy_install django-kitsune or download package and execute python install

2. Add 'kitsune' to the INSTALLED_APPS in your project's

3. Configure cron in every host to run a kitsune management command by running crontab command:

 * * * * * /path/to/your/project/ kitsune_cron

Every minute cron will run a management command to check pending jobs. Note that both, django-kitsune and your project must be installed in each host, and each host must have access to the common database (where kitsune tables shall be stored).


Kitsune can be configured via the following parameters, to be defined in your project settings file:

- KITSUNE_RENDERERS: List of modules that contain renderer classes, eg:: KITSUNE_RENDERERS = ['myproject.myapp.renderers'].

Kitsune comes with a default renderer kitsune.renderers.KitsuneJobRenderer.

Main features:

  • Hosts:
  • Add hosts to monitor.
  • Checks:
  • Add jobs with checks to be performed
  • Schedule
  • Check to be performed
  • Host to check
  • Select users or groups to be notified
  • Configure notification rules
  • Select how to render results
  • Set amount of log history to keep
  • Custom Checks:
  • You can implement your own checks by implementing a subclass of kitsune.base.BaseKitsuneCheck
  • Nagios Checks:
  • A builtin check is provided that wrapps any Nagios check.
  • You can use any existing Nagios check within django-kitsune
  • Logs:
  • Log and list check results
  • Result Renderers:
  • Can implement renderers by implementing a subclass of kitsune.renderers.KitsuneJobRenderer
  • Returns a html with the corresponding result that will be rendered within result listings.
  • List Checks:
  • Host name, last time performed, last result, next scheduled run.
  • Notification Rules:
  • Notifications through e-mail.
  • Configure who to notify: Groups or Users.
  • Configure when to trigger a notification.
  • Configure the frequency of notifications to avoid spam emails
  • All configurations are made through a graphic UI within admin panel.

last updated on:
April 3rd, 2012, 13:41 GMT
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Other/Proprietary License
developed by:
Raul Garreta
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