django-href icondjango-href 0.2.2

Django package for shortening URLs
This is a Django app for using the short URL service, it has a real simple API, for more information see


First install the django_href project in one of you library dirs, you can install it globally using the script, just run python install.

Now you have to tell your to load the appropriate libraries:

 # required by django_href

After doing this, install the database schemes using with python syncdb.

Template tags and filters

You can load the template tags using {% load href %} in the top of your template(s).

Filtering a single link

You can filter the link for a single object using the shorten template filter:

Please visit < a href="{{ obj|shorten }}" >{{ obj.get_absolute_url }}< /a >.

You can also choose to automatically shorten all links in the block with the autoshorten block tag:

{% autoshorten %}
Please visit the < a href="" >Cheese Shop< /a >.
{% endautoshorten %}

This will result in:

Please visit the < a href="" >Cheese Shop< /a >.

Bugs / issues

Please post your bugs, issues and remarks on the Git Hub issue tracker at

last updated on:
July 24th, 2010, 9:06 GMT
developed by:
Wijnand Modderman
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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