django-gatekeeper 0.3.0

Django object moderation
django-gatekeeper is a Django application for moderation of model instances.

Provides convenience methods and an admin interface for moderating instances of registered Django models.


To install run

 python install

which will install the application into python's site-packages directory.
Quick Setup



Be sure to place gatekeeper above any application which contains models that will be moderated.



Register Models

 >>> from django.db import models
 >>> import gatekeeper
 >>> class MyModel(models.Model):
 ... pass
 >>> gatekeeper.register(MyModel)

Admin Moderation Queue

Include the following in BEFORE the default admin:

 url(r'^admin/gatekeeper/', include('gatekeeper.urls')),

Filtering Moderated Models

 >>> from myapp.models import MyModel
 >>> import gatekeeper
 >>> def index(request):
 ... my_models = gatekeeper.approved(MyModel.objects.get(creator=request.user))

Advanced Usage


It can be hassle to have to manually moderate objects when there is a simple ruleset used to determine how an object will be moderated. In order to use auto-moderation, the following needs to be added to


Gatekeeper provides two methods of auto-moderation. First, if the user that saves a moderated object has permission to moderate that object, it will be automatically approved. This will always happen if GATEKEEPER_ENABLE_AUTOMODERATION is set to true in The second form of auto-moderation allows a moderation method to be written. This method should return True to approve, False to reject, or None to pass on for manual moderation. The auto-moderation function is pass as an argument when registering a Model.

 >>> class MyModel(models.Model):
 ... pass
 >>> def myautomod(obj):
 ... pass
 >>> gatekeeper.register(MyModel, auto_moderator=myautomod)

If the auto-moderation function returns None or is not specified for a model, the first form of auto-moderation will be attempted.

Default Moderation

By default, moderated model instances will be marked as pending and placed on the moderation queue when created. This behavior can be overridden by specifying GATEKEEPER_DEFAULT_STATUS in

 * 0 - mark objects as pending and place on the moderation queue
 * 1 - mark objects as approved and bypass the moderation queue
 * -1 - mark objects as rejected and bypass the moderation queue

Moderation Queue Notifications

Gatekeep will send a notification email to a list of recipients when a new object is placed on the moderation queue. Specify GATEKEEPER_MODERATOR_LIST in to enable notifications.


Post-moderation Signal

Many applications will want to execute certain tasks once an object is moderated. Gatekeeper provides a signal that is fired when an object is manually or automatically moderated.


last updated on:
October 26th, 2009, 14:46 GMT
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BSD License 
developed by:
Jeremy Carbaugh
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