django-forms-builder 0.8.1

Provides the ability for admin users to create their own forms within the admin interface drawing from a set of fields defined by the developer

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Stephen McDonald
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django-forms-builder is a Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms within the admin interface drawing from a set of fields defined by the developer.


Checkout the source and run python install. You can then add email_extras to your INSTALLED_APPS and forms_builder.urls to your url conf.

How It Works

Two models are defined in forms_builder.models - BuiltForm and BuiltFormSubmission which represent a user created form and a submission to that form respectively. BuiltForm contains two special fields called mandatory_extra_fields and optional_extra_fields. These are present in the admin interface as a list of checkboxes derived from all the fields on the BuiltFormSubmission model that have the keyword attribute blank set to True. The difference between these two sets of fields is whether the fields are mandatory for the website user submitting the form.

The actual form that gets displayed on the website is a ModelForm for BuiltFormSubmission and any of the fields within mandatory_extra_fields and optional_extra_fields that aren't selected for a given BuiltForm are excluded from the form on the website. The developer has the ability to define fields that are always present in the website form by not setting the blank attribute to True on the relevant fields of the BuiltFormSubmission model.


As described above, configuration of website form fields is done entirely on the BuiltFormSubmission model. Fields with a blank attribute set to True will be available as extra fields, and all other fields will always be present on the website form.

There are also two settings you can configure in your project's settings module:

 * FORMS_BUILDER_EMAIL_TO - An email address that will be sent an email upon each form submission if the send_email field is set to True by the admin user for the given BuiltForm.
 * FORMS_BUILDER_UPLOAD_TO - The location in your MEDIA_ROOT that files will be saved to if any FileField or ImageField fields are defined on your BuiltFormSubmission model. These files will also be attached to the email if it is sent.

Last updated on September 6th, 2012


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