django-dburlresolvers icondjango-dburlresolvers 0.1.0 Beta 2

Django-based URL resolving mechanism, which store the URL patterns in database
django-dburlresolvers is an URL resolver which stores the URL patterns in database, which means a webmaster can define some URLs.


Install package from pypi:

easy_install django-dburlresolvers

Put dbresolver into your installed applications:


Change the project file like this:

from dbresolver import get_dbresolver_patterns

urlpatterns = patterns('',
 ... # your URLs

urlpatterns += get_dbresolver_patterns()


Register some views of your project to get available in dbresolver. You may register it manually or automatically (by autodiscovering):

 Manually: Using the dbresolver API directly:

 >>> from dbresolver import register_view
 >>> from fooapp.views import foo_listing
 >>> register_view(foo_listing, 'Foo listing')

 Automatically: Put this code in your project (we recommended in the project

 from dbresolver import autodiscover_views

 You need to define an especial views_to_register method, like ilustrate this example:

 def foo_listing(request):
 foo_list = FooModel.objects.all()
 return render_to_response('fooapp/foo_listing.html',
 {'foo_list': foo_list},

 def views_to_register():
 """ returns views to be registered with dbresolver """
 return (
 (foo_listing, _('Foo listing')),

Now you only have to enter on admin site to create URL patterns attached to views. You can use both Django default regular expressions and simpler surlex expressions.

last updated on:
March 11th, 2011, 2:26 GMT
developed by:
Manuel Saelices
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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What's New in version 0.1.0 Beta
  • Fixed a model form error when used outside admin.
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