django-daterange-filter 0.2.1

Allow to filter by a custom date range on the Django Admin
django-daterange-filter is a Django app to add the option to filter by a custom date range on the admin. This allows to inputs to be used to get the custom date range filters.

See datefilter.png of a screenshot of how this is seen on the admin.

this will work with Django 1.4. I won't work with previous Django versions.


Use pip/easy_install

 pip install django-daterange-filter

In your

 from daterange_filter.fields import DateRangeField

 class Example(models.Model):

 bar = DateRangeField(null=True, blank=True, etc...) bar.daterange_filter = True

It is important to use DateRangeField and not to use django.db.models.DateField, becuase the Django class doesn't acept any other format than %m/%d/%yy. Because of this, it won't work if you are using a custom date format on the On the other hand, DateRangeField will allow the custom DATE_INPUT_FORMATS defined on the


In you file import the filter. This is the only line that should be used for doing that:

 from daterange_filter import filter

last updated on:
August 27th, 2012, 19:43 GMT
developed by:
Tomas Zulberti
license type:
BSD License 
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What's New in version 0.1.1
  • Removed the custom DateRangeField
  • Improved i18n
  • Special thanks to:
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