django-database-storage 0.1.2

A utility for Django that implements the Django Storage API
django-database-storage is a Django utility that implements the Django Storage API (for storing FileFields, ImageFields, etc.) and stores the contents of the files in your Django database instead of on the filesystem.

This is mainly intended to be an easy-to-use way to store file attachments and get rid of the pain of managing filesystem access at run time, and the deployment issues that come with it. If your file attachment needs are simple, this will generally be a quick way to get your app working.

Getting Started

1. Install (pip install django-database-storage)

2. Read the help:

 ./ shell ... >>> from database_storage import DatabaseStorage >>> help(DatabaseStorage)

Main features:

  • Store any file in any database supported by Django.
  • Simplify deployment and data management: No need to keep track of file attachments when migrating data from one server to another, since files live in the database.

last updated on:
May 26th, 2012, 3:34 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Mike Mueller
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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