django-chartit 0.1

Can be used to plot the data from various models in your Django project
django-chartit is a Django app that can be used to plot the data from various models in your Django project directly onto the web pages. The charts are rendered using the ``Highcharts`` and ``jQuery`` JavaScript libraries. Data in your database can be plotted as simple line charts, column charts, area charts, scatter plots, and many more chart types. Data can also be plotted as Pivot Charts where the data is grouped and/or pivoted by specific column(s).


You can install Django-Chartit from PyPI. Just do:

 pip install django_chartit

You also need supporting JavaScript libraries.

How to Use

Plotting a chart or pivot chart on a webpage involves the following steps.

1. Create a ``DataPool`` or ``PivotDataPool`` object that specifies what data you need to retrieve and from where.
2. Create a ``Chart`` or ``PivotChart`` object to plot the data in the ``DataPool`` or ``PivotDataPool`` respectively.
3. Return the ``Chart``/``PivotChart`` object from a django ``view`` function to the django template.
4. Use the ``load_charts`` template tag to load the charts to HTML tags with specific `ids`.

It is easier to explain the steps above with examples. So read on.

Main features:

  • Plot charts from models.
  • Plot data from multiple models on the same axis on a chart.
  • Plot pivot charts from models. Data can be pivoted by multiple columns.
  • Legend pivot charts by multiple columns.
  • Combine data from multiple models to plot on same pivot charts.
  • Plot a pareto chart, paretoed by a specific column.
  • Plot only a top few items per category in a pivot chart.

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November 8th, 2011, 6:11 GMT
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BSD License 
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Praveen Gollakota
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