django-cacheback icondjango-cacheback 0.4

Caching library for Django that uses Celery to refresh cache items asynchronously
django-cacheback is an extensible caching library that refreshes stale cache items asynchronously using a Celery task. The key idea being that it's better to serve a stale item (and populate the cache asynchronously) than block the user in order to populate the cache synchronously.

Using this library, you can rework your views so that all reads are from cache - which can be a significant performance boost.

A corollary of this technique is that cache hammering can be handled simply and elegantly, avoiding sudden surges of expensive reads when a cached items becomes stale.

Do you have good docs?

Yup - over on

Do you have tests?

You betcha!

Can I use this in my project?

Probably - subject to the MIT license.

last updated on:
September 5th, 2012, 22:10 GMT
developed by:
David Winterbottom
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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