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App for submitting and tracking malicious code samples to AV companies




django-avsubmit is a Django app written for Django to allow security response groups (CIRTs, SOCs, etc.) to easily upload and submit malicious code samples to antivirus vendors and other security research partners.

The application supports the following workflow and features:


1. User creates "submission targets" as organizations with email addresses to which samples may be submitted.
2. User uploads malware sample. File properties (size, type, hashes, etc.) are extracted.
3. User supplies notes/background for sample and selects one or more organizations to whom sample will be submitted. Freeform Cc email addresses may also be specified.
4. Sample is zipped, encrypted with a password, and emailed to recipients. Each specified recipient receives a copy of the email complete with user's supplied notes.
5. Submission is logged, capturing time of submission, file name, hash details, file size and type, submitter name, notes supplied about the sample, and the organizations to whom the message was submitted successfully.
Last updated on June 25th, 2012

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