django-async 0.5

Asynchronous task execution with proper database transaction management for Django
django-async is an asynchronous execution queue for Django with proper database transaction management.

Building a database backed task queue is a fairly trivial thing, but getting the database transactions exactly right is no simple matter.

Using Django Async

Installation is very simple, just add the ``async`` application to your Django applications in ````.

To run a job asynchronously just use the ``schedule`` function:

    from async import schedule
    schedule('my.function', args=(1, 2, 3), kwargs=dict(key='value'))

Tasks can be run by executing the management command ``flush_queue``:

    python flush_queue

``flush_queue`` will run once through the jobs that are scheduled to run at that time, but will exit early if any job throws an exception. Normally you would use it from an external script that simply keeps re-running the command.

last updated on:
July 16th, 2012, 6:12 GMT
license type:
Boost Software License Version 1.0 
developed by:
Kirit Saelensminde
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