django-appsettings 0.1.1

A unified settings system for pluggable Django apps
django-appsettings is a unified system for pluggable apps to have configurable settings. The django-appsettings app provides a clean API for keeping track of settings, and, most importantly, having settings that are configurable for a user that does not have write access to your server appsettings also provides an interface (similar to the admin interface for models) for editing these settings.


So you want to use this in your app? Well, just create a for your app (which will be autodiscovered by _appsettings_) and register your settings. Example:

import appsettings
from appsettings import values
register = appsettings.register('mymodule')

# settings are organized into groups.
# this will define settings
# mymodule.story.greeting,
# mymodule.story.pigs,
# etc.
class Story:
 # int, string, and float types are auto-discovered.
 greeting = "hello"
 pigs = 3
 wolves = 1
 # or you can specify the type
 houses = valuse.IntValue(3, doc = "number of houses in which to hide")
 myhouse = values.ChoiceValue(['straw','sticks','bricks'], 'straw')

using the settings in the rest of your app couldn't be easier:

from appsettings import settings.mymodule as settings

def run_away():
 return "%s pigs are running into a house made of %s"
 %(settings.story.pigs, settings.story.myhouse)

more thorough documentation (hopefully sphinx-pretty API docs) to come shortly.

last updated on:
July 15th, 2010, 12:22 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Jared Forsyth
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