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A web that allows you to create wiki-like websites easily.

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BSD License 
Frederic Da Silva
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
diric is a web application written in C that allows you to create wiki-like websites easily. The project is based on a folder/file architecture and uses markdown to format its pages. diric is inspired from diri, written in rc (the plan9 shell language).


* diric is quite simple to use. You just have to browse the website with the menu on the left. To create a new page, just modify the url as it follows : http://your.website.ext/show.cgi?your/new/page.
* You can edit, move or remove pages using the buttons on the top right.
* If a file is named as its parent folder, then this file is hidden in the menu and displayed when the folder is opened.
* Underscores are automaticaly replaced by spaces in the menu.
* To manage a "priority", files and folders can be preceded with a number/letter to be placed at the begining/center/end of the menu. For example, the file 0__xylophone will be placed in first position.
* To list a folder in a page, use the "tag" ---INDEX---!path=/folder/to/list!url=url/visible/from/everywhere!end . The files extensions that are associated to icones can be changed in config.h.

Installation and compilation

To compile diric, you have to install the C library markdown. Then, all the configuration can be done with config.h. Edit the Makefile to set where you want your cgi files to be compiled to. Then lunch it and place your .cgi on your server.

Last updated on October 5th, 2008

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