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Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any Django models




coop-cms is a really pluggable CMS.

Yet another CMS ?

1. Coop-cms is built around Articles. It defines a basic abstract model so you can define your own model.
2. It has a website tree in a nice admin widget, to let you order Articles and any other standard django model you've defined in your project.
3. Based on the tree, you get templatetags for menu navigation, siblings links, breadcrumb, etc

Coop-cms has some sister apps to make it more usable:

- coop_bar, an extensible toolbar (same concept : any app you create can add links in the toolbar)
- djaloha, a great in-site editor based on Aloha Editor
- rss-sync, a RSS syndication module that will import new articles from your defined RSS sources right in the django admin.

Quick start

Install it with pip install coop-cms

In, add 'coop_cms' (with an underscore) to the INSTALLED_APPS Under Django 1.3, the static folder should be found automatically, as the templates folder At the very end of your file, add (r'^',include('coop_cms.urls')) to your urlpatterns, because coop-cms will handle any page slug, except the ones you will have defined before.

The apps folder contains two example projects of how coop-cms can be used.
Last updated on September 21st, 2012

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