collective.quickupload 1.5.8

Pure javascript files upload tool for Plone, with drag and drop, multi selection, and progress bar

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What's new in collective.quickupload 1.5.8:

  • Fixed: do not remove file extensions at upload. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Add flash fallback for IE. Configurable throught quick upload control panel. It's disabled by default [mathias.leimgruber]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Jean-Mat Grimaldi
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
The collective.quickupload product offers a multiple files upload tool for Plone, with multi selection, drag and drop, and progress bar. A pure javacript tool is used on client side, with html5 file fields and ajax upload for modern browsers, and a graceful fallback for other browsers. You can also choose to replace the javascript with jquery.uploadify, a flashupload based script which could be interesting in rare situations (Plone site for MSIE client's browsers only, without http authentication in front, and no https).

To install it in your buildout, just add 'collective.quickupload' to your egg list, then

 >> bin/buildout

To install it in Plone, use the Addons control panel, select "Plone Quick Upload" Product and install it.

To see it in action, just assign the Quick Upload portlet somewhere in your site and test it.

Last updated on August 22nd, 2012


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