collective.portlet.banners 1.0 Alpha 4

A portlet to rotate clickable banners.

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What's new in collective.portlet.banners 1.0 Alpha 4:

  • Provide ability to not use catalog results for banners. Will be slower but might fix some cases. [vangheem]
  • Fix cataloging banner info. Only index relative urls since absolute won't work if edit site is different than production and ssl/non-ssl [vangheem]
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Matt Yoder
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
collective.portlet.banners extension provides a portlet to display rotating images, such as sponsor logos, which may be hyperlinked. The images and corresponding URLs are stored in a custom content type called a Portlet Banner. Since banner images are stored as blobs, collective.portlet.banners requires that the site be using and

To install collective.portlet.banners, first ensure that your site is using and Then add collective.portlet.banners to the eggs section of your buildout. If you are using Plone 3.2 or earlier, you also need to add a ZCML slug. Then re-run buildout and restart Zope. You can now install the product in your Plone site using the Add/Remove Products control panel.

Basic Use
After installing the product, you should see the Portlet Banner type in the Add New menu. You can add portlet banners anywhere on your Plone site, but all the banners that you want to display on a particular portlet need to be in the same folder. As with all Plone content, portlet banners are only visible to anonymous users when they are published. If you save a portlet banner and the image is not displayed, you need to install and from the Add/Remove Products control panel.

After creating the banners that you want to display, you can use the banners portlet. Add the portlet by clicking on Manage Portlets and selecting Banners Portlet from the drop-down menu. Then fill in the form, selecting for the banner folder the folder where you created the banners. Be sure to also set the title of the portlet, the delay (in seconds) between images, the fade speed, the portlet width, and the order of the banners. Note that the width setting does not resample the images, so it still important to resize and optimize the images before uploading them.

Last updated on June 8th, 2011

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