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cd2browse allows you to easily create browseable HTML-based menus from ordinary directory structures, and publish these menus on
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cd2browse allows you to easily create browseable HTML-based menus from ordinary directory structures, and publish these menus on CD or DVD. The project employs Javascript tree menus (or, optionally, a web-inspired self-expanding menu structure) to provide a clean, easily navigated view of your files.

When might you use cd2browse?

Imagine you have a collection of files of different types (Word, Excel, JPEG, HTML) which you would like to organize and publish on a single CD or DVD in a way that allows a user to easily and coherently browse through the files. Manually creating an HTML index would take quite a bit of time; cd2browse automates and simplifies the task of organizing and linking your files into a logical whole.

Main features:

  • analyses the file tree, extracts valuable information out of the files, such as title, size, age, and number of pages and creates a browsable html index out of it. In other words after cd2browse has finished, you have a browasable view of the scanned directory structure
  • creates thumbnails of images in the file tree - this can be switched off during creation also the size of the thumbnails can be defined
  • creates previews of all images in the scanned file tree and make them browsable as a gallery the size can be defined - provides a offline java script based search engine which allows a full text search. Indexed files are:
  • pdf, word , excel, powerpoint and html documents
  • does not affect the file tree itself. The resulting html files are outside the original file tree - so the file tree is not messed up with index or preview files.
  • is customizable according to your needs. The look and feel can be changed using templates.
  • cd2browse is open source, structured, documented an licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.
  • Using the menu needs no software installation, you just need a modern browser which is able to run java script. The menus are built in pure html and java script.
  • burning the menu and files on cd or dvd will force the cd to auto-start if the disc is inserted into the drive.
  • The target use for cd2browse is:
  • Technical documentation on CD or DVD
  • Simple web publishing for different kind of documents
  • Program or document collections for CD or DVD
  • Publishing of images on CD / DVD

last updated on:
November 24th, 2009, 9:37 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
R Jethon
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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What's New in version 1.02
  • On Windows platforms, there was a problem when the directory to scan was not on the same drive as the resources directory.
  • This caused indexing on a foreign drive to fail and has been fixed.
  • When the target directory was not writable, indexed the current directory; this has been fixed.
  • A Perl/Tk GUI interface ( is now included.
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