burst_s5 0.1

Standards-compliant HTML slideshows with HTML5 video and Inkscape
burst_s5 is a collection of docutils extensions to emit S5 slideshows (based on docutils' S5 writer) with videos and slides designed in Inkscape, including appearing elements. burst_s5 makes S5 presentations a little more like Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress.

See a sample presentation here.

How to use it

A command, burst2s5 is installed with burst_s5. This takes care of registering the docutils directives and should otherwise be called like docutils' own rst2s5.

Docutils directives

The following docutils directives are supplied:


Emits html5 < video > tags. Supported:

 * h264 encoded videos in MP4 container files
 * theora encoded videos in Ogg container files
 * both of the above in a single tag

Here is an example of use:

.. class:: center

 .. video::
 :video_mp4: movie1.mp4
 :height: 400
 :loop: True

This will insert the video movie1.mp4 centered into the presentation. If the file movie1.ogv exists alongside the .mp4 file, it will also be inserted. Alternatively, if only the Ogg Video is available, use the :video_ogv: option.


It allows you to write this in your .rst source file:

slide title

.. inklayers:: layered_graphics.svg

Instead of manually saving a bunch of layers in Inkscape and then writing this:

slide title

.. container:: animation

 .. image:: layer1.png
 :class: hidden slide-display

 .. class:: incremental hidden slide-display

 .. image:: layers12.png

 .. image:: layers123.png

 .. image:: layers1234.png
 :class: incremental

These animated images can be horizontally centered by adding this to your css:

/* center the inklayers generated content */
.inklayers { margin: auto; }

last updated on:
April 21st, 2010, 11:34 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Andrew Straw
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