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blog_my is a weblog software.

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Lloyd Dalton
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blog_my is a weblog software.

Here are some key features of "blog my":

· It doesn't use a database. Everything is stored in files.
· World-class file upload & management interface. (uses SWFUpload)
· It uses for clean, fast operation.
· It uses MochiKit for javascript goodness.
· The "admin" interface is the regular interface. When you login, "edit" links appear by things that are editable.
· People can edit their comments later
· Edits in progress are autosaved every 10 seconds.
· Javascript is used whenever possible to avoid page reloads when changing state.
· The javascript does not break search engine indexing. Pages & links look good to googlebot.
· It supports wiki-style "pages" (you're reading one now)
· Markdown is used for formatting. Raw html can be used too. There's no WYSIWYG editor.
· It's pretty extensible. Different types of "things" (besides the default posts, quotes, books) can be added without changing any existing code.
· Configuration & customization is simple:
· 1 config file
· 1 css file
· 1 template file
· Fairly lightweight. About ~1000 lines of python + ~1000 lines of javascript. (though the size increases about 20x when you add MochiKit & & SWFUpload).


· Python 2.4 or greater
· MochiKit,, and a couple other 3rd-party modules. These come bundled with blog_my.

Installation & setup:

· Unzip the file. You'll get a folder called blog_my_X.X/ You may want to move the contents of this folder up one level (watch out - the .htaccess file may overwrite any already-present one)
· Edit the file. Set the options as indicated by the comments next to them.
· Edit the .htaccess file. Comment or uncomment the lines as appropriate.
· Point your browser at it!

What's New in This Release:

· This version fixes several Unicode bugs and adds improved text field grow/shrink buttons.

Last updated on January 7th, 2007

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