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A simple cloud server management tool




blitzem is a simple cloud server management Python tool, inspired by Vagrant. This tool is just a proof-of-concept at the current time, and quite likely to change.

Install using pip


pip install blitzem

Building from source


python install


Tailor the file to suit your desired server environment - example content shown here:

Node( name="web1",

Node( name="web2",
 os="Ubuntu 11.04",
 tags=["web", "peakload"],

Node( name="app1",
 os="Ubuntu 11.04",

Node( name="app2",
 os="Ubuntu 11.04",
 tags=["app", "peakload"])

Node( name="db1",
 ScriptDeployment("apt-get update"),
 ScriptDeployment("apt-get -y install puppet")])))

Using the configuration example given above:

- web1 and db1 will inherit default 'OS' settings rather than specifying their own
- web1 and web2 will be tagged in the 'web' tier of servers, while app1 and app2 will be tagged in the 'app' tier
- web2 and app2 are also tagged 'peakload', which allows them to be brought up/down separately
- all nodes will be sized at the default 256MB RAM, except web2 and db1, which will be 512MB and 8192MB instances respectively
- db1 will have custom deployment steps (additional installation of puppet, on top of the defaults)

With an in the current working directory, the blitzem command can be used to control the environment. For example:

 blitzem up # will launch all nodes if they are not already running

 blitzem up app # will launch just the nodes tagged 'app' if they're not already running

 blitzem down web # brings down all 'web' tagged nodes

 blitzem up peakload # brings up 'peakload' nodes (e.g. during peak periods of the day)

 blitzem ssh db1 # launches an interactive SSH session to db1

 blitzem reboot web # runs a reboot of the 'web' tier

Building notes

On ubuntu, the following packages must be installed to enable blitzem to be built (mainly for the prerequisites of apache libcloud). Other platforms may have similar requirements if not already installed:

- python-dev
- gcc
- python-setuptools
- python-virtualenv
- libbz2-dev
Last updated on January 4th, 2012

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