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A tiny tiny blog




bitsyblog is a simple blog application.

Why another blog?

My ideal blog would invoke my favorite editor, take a bunch of text, and throw it on the web.  Sometimes I like to write long elaborate posts. Othertimes I just want to make a quick note.

Meet `bitsyblog `_,
a tiny tiny `python `_
`weblog `_.
Posting is done with a POST request, so while you can use a web form to do this, its just as easy to use curl, urllib, or anything else to post.

How does it work?

A user URLs is like

k0s is my user name here .  If you are 1337h4x0r, this will be .
Posting to this will take the body of the POST request and add a date stamp
Blog entries are thrown in files and are displayed with markup available with `restructured text

You can also get a more specific range of posts by specifying up to the year, month and day in the URL:

Not all of this needs to be specified.

Permalinks are also available in the form of the date stamp:

You can find the permalink by clicking on the subject of the blog post.

If you really want to post through the web, support is at

If you're more friendly with python scripts,
` `_
is available:
Last updated on June 21st, 2012

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