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astahttpd is a Web server written in pure PHP, support CGI Processing capabilites.




astahttpd is a Web server written in pure PHP. It supports basic HTTP methods such as GET, POST, and HEAD. It also support Alias directories and has CGI processing capabilities. astahttpd's main goal is to be easy to install and configure, especially for PHP programmers.

PHP >= 5 compiled using --enable-sockets --enable-pcntl


I assume you will install astahttpd to /home/user directory.

1. Extract astahttpd source
$ tar -jxvf astahttpd_x.x-alpha.bz2
2. CD to extracted directory
$ cd to astahttpd_x.x-alpha
3. Finally do install
$ ./
4. Installation is interactive based, so it's very easy.
5. Done..., that's it? yeah... :)

To run the astahttpd daemon use:

$ /home/user/astahttpd/bin/aws

Open your web browser and point to http://localhost:8080/.

Hit Ctrl-C if you want to quit/stop the daemon.


All server configuration saved in aws.conf.php which located inside conf folder on your instalation directory.

By default astahttpd wil run on port 8080, you can change this by editing aws.conf.php.

If $aws_conf['doc_root'] is empty, astahttpd will use default htdocs dir.

What's New in This Release:

Win32 support was added.
Some parts were moved into modules, creating mod_static, mod_log, and mod_dir_browser.
New mod_autofix_uri and mod_cache modules were added.
The pcntl extension is no longer required.
Support for IP-based virtual hosts was dropped.
Many improvements were made.
A bug where internal GZIP compression not work was fixed along with a problem where the same header name wasn't handled more than once in HTTP headers.
Last updated on April 1st, 2008

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