anyremote2html 1.4

anyremote2html software is a HTTP server for anyRemote.
anyremote2html software is a HTTP server for anyRemote. anyremote2html works a mediation device beetween anyRemote server and device with web browser.

The overall goal of AnyRemote is to provide wireless Bluetooth remote control service for KDE. In contrast with other Bluetooth remote control programs anyRemote is not limited to SonyEriccson or JSR-82 capabled phones. It was developed as just thin "communication" layer between bluetooth-capabled phone and Linux and in principle could be configured to manage any software. anyRemote is console application, but in addition there are GUI front-ends for Gnome and KDE.

anyRemote could be used with:

� bluetooth connection
� infrared connection
� cable connection
� it could works through bluetooth connection with java client written for JSR82 capabled phones
� it could works through Wi-Fi connection if phone supports Wi-Fi
� it could accept incoming connection from network
� it have web interface (could work as HTTP server)
� it has limited support for Bemused clients

There are 2 variants of the anyremote2html script:

1) anyremote2html which follows "client-pull" technology and

2) anyremote2html.push which used "server-push" technology. To use anyremote2html.push your browser should
correctly handle "multipart/x-mixed-replace" data.
anyremote2html.push is ot installed by default. You could copy it to /usr/bin/ if needed.


To install the application, type:

su -c "make install"

To run:

Run anyremote/kanyremote with "-s socket:< port >" option:

anyremote -s socket:5000 -f < cfg. file >

Run anyremote2html -a < anyremote port > -w < http port > -s 16|32|64 -i < directory with icons, defaulted to /usr/share/pixmaps/anyRemote2html >

For example:

anyremote2html -a 5000 -w 5050 -s 64 -i /usr/share/pixmaps/anyRemote2html

Run browser on device and connect to http://< ip.of.PC >:5050

For additional options run anyRemote2html -h

last updated on:
March 16th, 2011, 15:59 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Mikhail Fedotov
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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