Yomiko 0.1

A lightweight, filesystem-based WSGI blogging application built on CherryPy and Cheetah
Yomiko is a simple, file-based blogging platform in the spirit of Blosxom, written in Python using Cheetah and CherryPy.

Developer comments

Yomiko was formerly known as CherryBlosxom (Cherry due to the dependency on CherryPy and Blosxom due to it being inspired by the lightweight Perl blogging app of that name) and hosted here. At the time I thought the name CherryBlosxom was so unique it never occurred to me to check if it had already been used. It turns out that someone wrote a Ruby port of Blosxom years ago and called it Cherry Blosxom! Even though that project appears to be dead, when I migrated my CherryBlosxom to Google code I decided it would be best to rename it.

Main features:

  • Update your blog from the command line using your favourite text editor!
  • No need to install and configure a whole RDBMS just for a simple blog!
  • Runs on CherryPy's built in web server or in conjunction with Apache, lighttpd etc. as CGI, FastCGI or SCGI.
  • Comment support (with basic spam protection)
  • Tag support
  • Feed support in RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats (provided by feedformatter)

last updated on:
June 11th, 2009, 14:00 GMT
developed by:
Luke Maurits
license type:
BSD License 
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