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YUI Compressor packaged for Python




YUI Compressor is a CSS and JavaScript minifier written in Java. This package bundles the YUI Compressor JAR file to ease its use in Python projects. Note that you still need to have Java Runtime Environment installed.

For instance, you may use this package with buildout. First, create the buildout.cfg file:

parts = yuicompressor

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = yuicompressor

Next, download buildout bootstrap script and run the buildout itself:

wget http://svn.zope.org/*checkout*/zc.buildout/trunk/bootstrap/bootstrap.py
python bootstrap.py

Creating directory 'bin'.
Creating directory 'parts'.
Creating directory 'develop-eggs'.
Generated script 'bin/buildout'.


Installing yuicompressor.
Getting distribution for 'yuicompressor'.
Got yuicompressor 2.4.2.
Generated script 'bin/yuicompressor'.

The yuicompressor script is ready to use:


Usage: java -jar yuicompressor-x.y.z.jar [options] [input file]

Global Options
-h, --help Displays this information
--type < js|css > Specifies the type of the input file
--charset < charset > Read the input file using < charset >
--line-break < column > Insert a line break after the specified column number
-v, --verbose Display informational messages and warnings
-o < file > Place the output into < file >. Defaults to stdout.

JavaScript Options
--nomunge Minify only, do not obfuscate
--preserve-semi Preserve all semicolons
--disable-optimizations Disable all micro optimizations

If no input file is specified, it defaults to stdin. In this case, the 'type'
option is required. Otherwise, the 'type' option is required only if the input
file extension is neither 'js' nor 'css'.

You could then integrate this with a package that relies on the compressor, e.g. django-compress and worry no more.

User-level installation with easy_install does make sense even for standalone use, e.g. having yuicompressor in your PATH.
Last updated on September 22nd, 2009

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