Xinity 2.2 RC1

Xinity project is a powerful web content management system (CMS).

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Xinity Team
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Xinity project is a powerful web content management system (CMS).

Xinity is a powerful web content management system (CMS). You can build complex web sites with content edited and maintained by non-programmers. It is user-friendy because it eliminates the flexibility gap: in common CM Systems the editor loses the more flexibility the more the programmer gains and vice versa.

In Xinity the programmer has the power to decide how much flexibility the editor has. There are no limitations given by the system.

The editor edits his content in WYSIWYG, and there is no need to battle with or system-specific variables. Xinity is a highly scalable system with a lot of customization work to do with each installtion, and is not suitable for a quick test run.

On the other hand there is a generic site architecture that comes with the base distribution, so you can set up you own Xinity web site in 30 minutes.

What's New in This Release:

· revise Exception-Handling and inform Client properly [TOBIAS done 11/4]
· inform client if logon fails [TOBIAS done 15/4]
· integrate Form- and Treehandling in AdCo [TOBIAS done 15/4]
· build ShiftBox AMS-Group selection (with two windows 'add'/'remove' like in XBU) [TOBIAS done 16/4]
· change AMS-Groupprocessing on serverside (tokens to entities)[TOBIAS changed 17/4]
· confirmation on logout (generic confirmation-flag in Conmmand) [TOBIAS done 17/4]
· avoid server-startup on connection-failure (RMI-Registry) [TOBIAS done 17/4]
· errormessage if client can't connect to server prior to login [TOBIAS done 17/4]
· change AMS-Forms so ARPs will be set on save() not directly with a seperate Command [TOBIAS done 17/4]
· fix AMS-search [TOBIAS done 19/4]
· Copy+Paste in editor [TOBIAS done 19/4]
· introduce UserConfiguration for Modules [TOBIAS done 23/4]
· avoid focus-setting on read-only forms [TOBIAS done 23/4]
· Message on problems during session-initalisation [TOBIAS done 23/4]

Last updated on April 25th, 2007

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