XSLT Filter 1.5.2

An Apache2 loadable module which performs XSL transformation on-the-fly.
XSLT Filter is an Apache2 loadable module which performs XSL transformation on-the-fly. It uses LibXML2+LibXSLT as parsing and transformation engines. The module acts as an Apache output fitler and is compatible with mod_perl, CGI and PHP applications.


· Unpack the module with tar: tar zxvf xslt_filter-1.X.X.tar.gz
· Run the ./configure script.
· Run the make command.
· Run the make install command.
· Restart your Apache2 server.

Edit your httpd.conf file and add the following section to enable xslt_filter module.

LoadModule xslt_filter modules/xslt_filter.so

AddType text/xsl .xsl
AddType text/xml .xml
AddOutputFilterByType xslt_filter text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType xslt_filter application/xml

For each virtual server you can use additional configuration options:
Enable debigging output:

XSLT_Filter debug < on|off >

Define a root directory of XSL files. All XSL references will be treated relatively to this path.

XSLT_Filter xsltroot /usr/local/www/xslt

Allow or deny usage of external resourses such as XML and XSL files.

XSLT_Filter external < on|off >

last updated on:
December 10th, 2008, 13:16 GMT
developed by:
Deviurg LLC
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
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XSLT Filter
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What's New in version 1.5.7
  • Added support for apxs2 to get xslt_filter compiled on Ubuntu (and probably Debian).
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