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X-Cart is a PHP shopping cart software & e-commerce solution.

Some of the most important problems "out-of-the-box" shopping carts owners usually face are described in few simple questions:

 * "Will this ecommerce solution reflect all edges of my business?"
 * "Can I integrate it into my existing website?"
 * "What do I do to make my online shop support special functionality?"

Different shopping carts deal these problems in different ways. There is no universal ecommerce shopping cart software to fit every requirement of every online business owner on the planet, so we developed a concept to provide optimal solution for most ecommerce projects.
X-Cart – ecommerce shopping cart software:

 * X-Cart shopping cart is fast. For most web stores there is no need to arrange a dedicated server
 * X-Cart has a W3C-compliant storefront with a CSS-based layout. And it comes with several professional e-commerce design templates
 * AJAX-based components and WYSIWYG editors improve the user experience
 * X-Cart is search engine friendly. You can add meta-tags and define custom titles and URLs for product and category pages, which improves standing of your web store with popular search engines
 * Smarty template engine and simple PHP code make X-Cart flexible and easy to modify without great programming skills and knowledge
 * X-Cart professionals are always ready to help you with any technical answer about the software as well as handle installation & configuration tasks for you
 * X-Cart team offers professional design creation and custom programming services. You can get a unique storefront design and a custom-made functionality to ensure the web store meets your business needs completely
 * Additional software licenses come at discounted rates.

More advantages:

Robust feature rich ecommerce shopping cart software is a key in online business success. Its potential can be multiplied many times if accompanied by coherent resources & services to give a hand on the way to online success not leaving you alone when operating live ecommerce website:

 * Moneyback guarantee

 We offer unconditional 30-day money back guarantee as a sign of our products quality to ensure best customers' experience in any case. Simply request a refund within 30 days since purchase to have all the money back.

 * Community forums

 The value of help provided by community forums should not be underestimated. Share experience with thousands of real business owners to find answers & hints to be successful. The forums are intentionally made available for clients only to ensure community forums are the meeting point of people who actually are in the business.

 * Responsive support

 Experienced technical support engineers are glad to assist you with the server configuration as well as fast setup of the on-line store. The expertise of our support team is a warranty card to keep you confident of your business success.

 * Partnership

 Regardless of whether you are a web hosting provider, developer, payment gateway or ISP, we can setup a partner relationship profitable for both parties. Read about our Affiliate program and see Reseller prices.

Who is our software made for:

 * Software developers looking for a quality PHP shopping cart program at a low price.
 * A company that has already been doing retail sales.
 * A company that wants to start an online sales channel.
 * Distributors / wholesalers.
 * Internet companies.
 * Export / Import companies.
 * Store owners.
 * ISP and web hostings who want to offer an ecommerce solution.
Last updated on September 15th, 2013
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