Whitebeam 0.9.37

Whitebeam provides a rapid, XML based development environment for structured, dynamic Web apps.

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Whitebeam Team
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Whitebeam provides a rapid, XML based development environment for structured, dynamic Web apps.

Whitebeam is a frontend XML-centered rapid design environment which makes use of HTML/XML and JavaScript. It integrates two popular and robust Open Source platforms (Apache and Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine), with its own powerful XML environment and security architecture.

Providing an extensible XML-based interface to backend objects on any platform, the client model securely segregates thousands of customer applications within a single server.

What's New in This Release:

Improve contact and catalogue search methods by including a 'searchMethod="rank"'. Rank depends on a pl/pgsql function which counts the number of keyword matches database records ordering by most matches first.
Allow item searches to be restricted to items under categories (nodes) that are attached to at least one of a set of contact communities. This allows automated access restrictions to be place on branches of a category tree.
Add 'containers' field to contact iterator flags to query which elements are containers of another (or a set of others).
Add 'maxRows' search attribute for contact and cat items. Allows application to 'hint' at number of rows expected to be processed allowing the templates to much better optimise large bulk requests such as reports.
Add the 'collection' template allowing arbitary collections of contacts, items and nodes to be easily maintained.
Add pl/pgsql search function and integrate with other templates. Allows 'best match' searching rather than any keyword.
Enhance 'HttpRequest' to allow a specific target IP/name to be provided for each request. This allows HTTP requests when the server can't be correctly resolved with DNS.
Enhance 'HttpRequest' to allow response to be returned as a Binary object.
Add toBase64() and fromBase64() methods to Binary object.
Add OpenBSD 3.8 to working build targets.
Add Fedora Core 4 to working build targets.
Postgres Templates are more likely to reopen a lost DB connection.
Incorporate the latest SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine release (JS 1.5 Final)
Improve error reporting and add a stack-trace to error page.
SF bug 1355392 fixed : invalid SMTP encoding for 'quoted-printable' encoding.
SF bug 1355386 fixed : Site template fails to build against versions of Postgres earlier than 8.0.
SF bug 1385551 fixed : Root of the Whitebeam ROM (rb) is now sealed to prevent side-effects from one page execution leaking to another page.
SF bug 1385596 fixed : Replace global variable used to measure page execution time with attribute in the page context object.

Last updated on February 24th, 2007

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