WebDispatch 1.0 Beta 4

Dispatch request on WSGI application
WebDispatch is dispatcher collection for WSGI application. That has no dependency to exsiting frameworks, but works fine with WebOb.

Dispatch and Generate URL

dispatch with url patterns.

example helo application:

>>> from webob.dec import wsgify
>>> @wsgify
... def greeting(request):
... return "Hello, %s" % request.urlvars['name']

create and configure URL Dispatcher:

>>> from webdispatch import URLDispatcher
>>> dispatcher = URLDispatcher()
>>> dispatcher.add_url('top', '/hello/{name}', greeting)

invoke dispatcher as WSGI Application:

>>> from webob import Request
>>> req = Request.blank('/hello/webdispatch')
>>> res = req.get_response(dispatcher)
>>> res.body
'Hello, webdispatch'

Action Dispatch

ActionDispatcher invokes object method with action name from urlvars.

action handler class:

>>> class MyHandler(object):
... @wsgify
... def greeting(self, request):
... return "Hello"

create and configure ActionDispatcher:

>>> from webdispatch import ActionDispatcher
>>> actiondispatcher = ActionDispatcher()
>>> actiondispatcher.register_actionhandler(MyHandler)

add action url with urlvars named action:

>>> dispatcher.add_url('action_dispatch', '/actions/{action}', actiondispatcher)

invoke wsgi appclication.:

>>> req = Request.blank('/actions/greeting')
>>> res = req.get_response(dispatcher)
>>> res.body

Method Dispatch

dispatch by HTTP METHOD restfully.

sample wsgi app:

>>> @wsgify
... def get_hello(request):
... return "Get Hello"
>>> @wsgify
... def post_hello(request):
... return "Post Hello"

create and configure:

>>> from webdispatch import MethodDispatcher
>>> restapp = MethodDispatcher()
>>> restapp.register_app('get', get_hello)
>>> restapp.register_app('post', post_hello)

Each applications are registered with HTTP Method name.

invoke WSGI application:

>>> req = Request.blank('/')
>>> res = req.get_response(restapp)
>>> res.body
'Get Hello'

last updated on:
September 24th, 2012, 0:52 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Atsushi Odagiri
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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