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Web Of Web (WoW) is a new, Structural, Secure, Collaborative and Realtime Interactive media platform for the Web.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Compl Yue Still
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Web Of Web
Web Of Web (WoW) is a new, Structural, Secure, Collaborative and Realtime Interactive media platform for the Web.


WoW presents a Mind Mapping alike interface, which best reflects human ideas and thinking pathes, it shall greatly help people express themselves and understand others' thought.

Even further, WoW brings intellectuals of single brains into collective collaboration. It persists and funds mind sparks over time scale, and when deployed over the Internet (The default and native mode of WoW), it scales all over the world.

WoW also extends MindMapping to support physical links of ideas, thus Mind Maps are never limited to a tree structure, but possibly a interconnected information web. (This is how WoW had been named, it is the [Information Web] of the [Computer Web]).


WoW strictly enforces permission authorization by design, as well as implemented flexible identity organization and ACL mechanism. Security management interface is integrated with WoW, and is as easy to use as other daily operations. The flexibility of WoW Security also enables it simulate Wiki, BBS, BLOG, IRC and other classic web community applications easily.

WoW leverages certificates to let user decide whether to trust a WoW site, and private and sensitive data such as login id and password are always sent after strong encryption, the security is created by AES session key exchanged after RSA encryption at both side.


There is no obvious ownership by default, the achievement belongs to everyone ever contributed with given permissions. Information History is natively kept and available to every participants having view permissions. Even the instant talking history is kept and available for time back tracing.

Plus the realtime feature of WoW, peoples all over the world could be in close interactive collaboration at anytime, from any place.

Realtime Interactive

Creation, modification and removal of idea nodes are seen by all viewers, in realtime! The delay could be no longer than a few seconds.

Every node can be an independent talking topic, peoples could be in instant talking just inplace the focus.

What's New in This Release:

The bundled TOB was upgraded to 6.0b0728.
An interactive Java shell for dynamic management and development is available now.

Last updated on July 30th, 2007

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