Web.GET 2.0.14

Web.GET is a user-friendly Web tool for managing file downloads.
Web.GET is a user-friendly Web tool for managing file downloads. Web.GET project uses GNU wget as its downloading back-end.


Web Server (tested on Apache 1.3.33 and newer)
PHP (tested on 4.3.10-2 and newer) with access to `shell_exec` function
MySQL database (tested on 4.0.23 and newer)
system tools: ps, greep, kill


Unpack all files to htdocs directory
Edit includes/config.php file
Don't forget to create required directories
Set correct perms to created directories:
(chmod 770 and chown user.webserver_group)
Use: mysql -u webget -p webget < webget.sql to set database structure
Go to: http://your_server/webget/index.php
Log in useing login: admin with empty password

What's New in This Release:

Total download speed is displayed on the View page.
Quota limits are shown on the Users page.
There is a Refresh button on the file info page (small but useful). An error with "template file not found" has been fixed.
Message sorting has been fixed (new ascending, then time descending).
The getSpeed() method has been changed, and is much faster.
There is a change in the wget log display on the Info page (shorter URLs, etc.).
Displaying of big timeleft values has been fixed.
The default config file is now called 'config.inc.php.new'.

last updated on:
January 30th, 2006, 4:05 GMT
developed by:
Web.GET Team
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)


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