Warrior XAMJ Browser 0.96

Warrior XAMJ Browser is a browser that uses XAMJ.

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XAMJ Working Group
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Warrior XAMJ BrowserWarrior XAMJ Browser
Warrior XAMJ Browser is a browser that uses XAMJ, an XML language designed to address many of the shortcomings of HTML and an open alternative to Microsoft's XAML.

XAMJ documents are generally served over HTTP but can also be used in standalone applications, as Warrior itself is written in XAMJ.

Warrior platform can be used to deliver rich thin client applications with the capabilities of the Java language without the need to compile or package them. XAMJ UI code is compact and can be written quickly. Additionally, we now provide a way to link XAMJ content from HTML. (Our own examples use that.)

XAMJ apps can also be standalone. In Windows you can simply double-click a .xamj file. Compilation is on-demand and cached, so it has the major benefits of an interpreted language, without being one.

A XAMJ app can link another app much the same way HTML pages link one another. For example, an app could have a Forum menu-item with an href attribute that launches a separate specialized app, potentially hosted by a third party. (Some of our examples link each other this way.) We don't expect different brandings to be as much of a concern as it is with HTML pages.

To get a better idea of where XAMJ technology fits in relation to existing client platforms, see the following table which breaks down how it compares in several key areas to other two well-known technologies: (1) HTML/Javascript browsers, which are thin client platforms, and (2) Java Webstart, which is more of a thick client platform.

What's New in This Release:

Text selection was implemented in the HTML renderer.
A number of JavaScript bugs were fixed.
Animated images were fixed as well.
An image clientlet was implemented to allow Warrior to open image URLs.

Last updated on November 28th, 2006

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