Warp++ 0.01

Warp++ is a set of tools for developing web-based applications using C++.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Tim Hawes
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Warp++ is a set of tools for developing web-based applications using C++. The goal is to fill a gap of scalability unobtainable by other managed platforms (i.e. Java and .Net).

This is an "HTML template" class for dynamic C++ web applications. It
is very simple and elegant. It has a very simple design
philosophy. All dynamic web content is based on two base principles,
"variable replacement" and a "repeater". It totally avoids html
generation at the application level. This means that an entire web
application can have its entire look and feel redone, without ever
touching the application.

Generic processing instructions are used:

For variable replacement.

For delimiting a data repeater.

The HTMLTemplate program is executed, which then loads the specified
file(s) and parses the contents accordingly.

There are two classes in this distribution. The base class is
SAXParser whose methods resemble those from the sax parser class in
Xerces (from the apache project found at http://xml.apache.org). The
derived class (HTMLStream) handles all the tag events from the
SAXParser class with overridden methods.

The biggest difference between SAXParser and Xerces is that SAXParser
does not, as of yet, tie into a DOM engine. Its' purpose is solely for
the dynamic regeneration of html data based on an html file and a
generic data query (and thus, is not a true SAX engine... yet).

In the app subdirectory, you will find a reference application using
HTMLStream. Essentially, the developer just creates a new class
derived from HTMLStream overriding handleSegment() and to call new
methods that handle data queries based on the tag name. The reference
application also uses GNU's C++ CGI library "Cgicc" to handle cgi
variables. It is suppose to illustrate how a CGI library can be
integrated with HTMLTemplate.

Last updated on January 2nd, 2008

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