A simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up internet links.
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wwwoffled application is a simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up internet links.

This means that it is possible to browse web pages and read them without having to remain connected.

Main features:

  • Basic Features:
  • Caching of HTTP, FTP and finger protocols.
  • Allows the 'GET', 'HEAD', 'POST' and 'PUT' HTTP methods.
  • Interactive or command line control of online/offline/autodial status.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Low maintenance, start/stop and online/offline status can be automated.
  • While Online:
  • Caching of pages that are viewed for later review.
  • Conditional fetching to only get pages that have changed.
  • Based on expiration date, time since last fetched or once per session.
  • Non cached support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer e.g. https).
  • Can be used with one or more external proxies based on web page.
  • Control which pages cannot be accessed.
  • Allow replacement of blocked pages.
  • Control which pages are not to be stored in the cache.
  • Requests compressed pages from web servers (compile time option).
  • Requests chunked transfer encoding from web servers.
  • While Offline:
  • Can be configured to use dial-on-demand for pages that are not cached.
  • Selection of pages to download next time online
  • Using normal browser to follow links.
  • Command line interface to select pages for downloading.
  • Control which pages can be requested when offline.
  • Provides non-cached access to intranet servers.
  • Automated Download:
  • Downloading of specified pages non-interactively.
  • Options to automatically fetch objects in requested pages
  • Understands various types of pages
  • HTML 4.0, Java classes, VRML (partial), XML (partial).
  • Options to fetch different classes of objects
  • Images, Stylesheets, Frames, Scripts, Java or other objects.
  • Option to not fetch webbug images (images of 1 pixel square).
  • Automatically follows links for pages that have been moved.
  • Can monitor pages at regular intervals to fetch those that have changed.
  • Recursive fetching
  • To specified depth.
  • On any host or limited to same server or same directory.
  • Chosen from command line or from browser.
  • Control over which links can be fetched recursively.
  • Convenience:
  • Optional information footer on HTML pages showing date cached and options.
  • Options to modify HTML pages
  • Remove scripts.
  • Remove Java applets.
  • Remove stylesheets.
  • Remove shockwave flash animations.
  • Indicate cached and uncached links.
  • Remove the blink tag.
  • Remove refresh tags.
  • Remove links to pages that are in the DontGet list.
  • Remove inline frames (iframes) that are in the DontGet list.
  • Replace images that are in the DontGet list.
  • Replace webbug images (images of 1 pixel square).
  • Demoronise HTML character sets.
  • Stop animated GIFs.
  • Remove Cookies in meta tags.
  • Provides information about cached pages
  • Headers, raw and modified.
  • Contents, images, links etc.
  • Source code unmodified by WWWOFFLE.
  • Automatic proxy configuration for Netscape.
  • Searchable cache with the addition of the ht://Dig, mnoGoSearch (UdmSearch) or Namazu programs.
  • Built in simple web-server for local pages.
  • Allows CGI scripts
  • Timeouts to stop proxy lockups
  • DNS name lookups.
  • Remote server connection.
  • Data transfer.
  • Continue or stop downloads interrupted by client.
  • Based on file size of fraction downloaded.
  • Purging of pages from cache
  • Based on URL matching.
  • To keep the cache size below a specified limit.
  • To keep the free disk space above a specified limit.
  • Interactive or command line control.
  • Compression of cached pages based on age.
  • Provides compressed pages to web browser (compile time option).
  • Use chunked transfer-encoding to web browser.
  • Indexes:
  • Multiple indexes of pages stored in cache
  • Servers for each protocol (http, ftp ...).
  • Pages on each server.
  • Pages waiting to be fetched.
  • Pages requested last time offline.
  • Pages fetched last time online.
  • Pages monitored on a regular basis.
  • Configurable indexes
  • Sorted by name, date, server domain name, type of file.
  • Options to delete, refresh or monitor pages.
  • Selection of complete list of pages or hide un-interesting pages.
  • Security:
  • Works with pages that require basic username/password authentication.
  • Automates proxy authentication for external proxies that require it.
  • Control over access to the proxy
  • Defaults to local host access only.
  • Host access configured by hostname or IP address.
  • Optional proxy authentication for user level access control.
  • Optional password control for proxy management functions.
  • Can censor incoming and outgoing HTTP headers to maintain user privacy.
  • Configuration:
  • All options controlled using a configuration file.
  • Interactive web page to allow editing of the configuration file.
  • User customisable error and information pages.

last updated on:
October 16th, 2012, 16:21 GMT
developed by:
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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What's New in This Release:
  • Some small fixes for: HTTPS offline requests, handling certificate expiration, Web bug detection, and the configure script.
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