W3Reg 0.21

W3Reg is a very simple tool which can register webpages to several web search engines.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Davide Libenzi
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
W3Reg is a very simple tool which can register webpages to several web search engines.

It is a simple console (MS-DOS) program ( does not display any UI, sorry ). It uses a configuration file (w3reg.conf) that hold HTTP requests to be used to register any web page (or Web site) on any search engine.

This configuration file is w3reg.conf and can be expanded as much as you need.

The w3reg.conf file or any other file you create as the configuration file contains a line with a symbolic name of the search engine in one line, and a string that is the "template" for page registration on the next line.

This template contain macros that will be substituted with actual values during program execution.

< URL > = web page full address ex: [www.cei-world.com]
< EMAIL > = registerer email [anonymous@anonymous.net]
< IPADDR > = registerer IP address ex: []
< COUNTRY > = registerer country code ( IT, US, ... ) [US]

To enrich the w3reg.conf file with a new search engine registration:

1) You must simply seek the registration form that this site offers you to submit a new URL.
2) You must fill the edit box with the URL You want to register ( for someone other fields are also needed ) and
3) You must submit Your form.

After this you're entered into a new page that says the result of your registration:

1) Copy the complete URL of this page (it's in the edit box where You type URLs by hand),
2) Find out registration tags ( URL, and so on )
3) Substitutes them with macros ( , , and so on ).
4) Then add two new lines to w3reg.conf,
4.a) the first with the name of the new search engine and
4.b) the second with the string You've built in previous steps.

That's all.

The syntax of w3reg.conf is strict, one line for search engine name (ambiguos name) and then the registration string ( in the _next_ line ).

To build the program under Win32 You need the ws2_32.dll a M$ Visual C++ project is given.

The command line is :

w3reg [options] [urls-file]

where urls-file is a text file holding full internet path of pages to be registered.


w3reg --config w3reg.conf
--ipaddr [your IP address, ex:]
--threads 1
--email jarallop@yahoo.com
--country US
w3.txt < RETURN >

Of course, type all text these in one line.

If the [urls-file] file is not supplied the standard input is readed so making w3reg to be used in pipes.


--help = show this help
--config s = configuration file [w3reg.conf]
--ipaddr s = ip address
--threads n = number of threads [32]
--email s = user email address [anonymous@anonymous.net]
--country s = user country [US]
--logs = enable logs [OFF]

If --config is not specified, the program attempt to open /etc/w3reg.conf

Last updated on April 8th, 2008

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