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A Direct Connect protocol server (Hub), runs on almost all OS.





VerliHub software is a Direct Connect protocol server (Hub), runs on almost all OS (except some problems with Windows), written in c++, relatively very low cpu-ram-bandwidth usage, and many useful features. Accepts (numerous useful) plugins. Uses MySQL database.

Here are some key features of "VerliHub":

Low CPU/RAM usage
WWW interface

· there are several of them, you can make your own, allows you to manage settings, reg users, banlist and more..

Country zones and one IP zone

· for specifying different users limit for every zone

Hub overfill and lag protection

· does not allow you going too far in user count, if cpu can't do more, it won't

Quick kick+ban

· add a special keyword into a kick reason, and here you are, you can ban /tmpban users with no more commands

DC++ tag parser with limiters

· max/min slots per connection type
· max_hubs per connection type
· min upload limiter per connection type
· min per slot upload limiter for each conection type
· max hubs / slot ratio
· option - allow only users with tag
· option - remove tags from users

Admin specified Trigger commands

· You can add as many as you wish commands sarting with + that print a defined file to user. /proc/cpuinfo rules_en rules_whatever faq
· even by crontab regularily generated files...
· posisbility to modify the file contetns from a chat command

Plugin Support

· a great potential fro new features.. comming soon

Anti freeze user system

· If user suddenly loses connection, he's freezed in the hub, but he is able reconnect..

Spam limiters

· min chat delay
· max chat length
· max chat lines
· min search delay
· no repetitive searches

Registered users

Basic reg user (class 1)

· crypted password for the nick
· access priority before nonregistered user
· never hanging nick
· optional kick and forcemove protection

VIP reg user (class 2)

· different min share limit (min_share_reg)

Basic Operators (class 3)

· kick, ban, unban
· different share limit
· hide op's DC tags
· optionaly see other users' tags
· no tags verification
· priority in entering hub
· no search, chat, and other limitations
· temporary protection of users

Cheef Operators (class 4)

· rights to create/modify registered users up to class 2
· automaticly protected from kicks of regular ops (class 3)
· create temporary operators of calss 3, until their unconnection
· permanent protection of users

Admin (class 5) - Conrolls all the stuff
Master (class 10) creates admins, absolute power

Ban users

· directly from the kick by specifying the ban time
· allways specify a reason
· banned user trying to ligin sees the reason
· IP bans, Nick bans, host bans, IP rangebans, other even...
· kick+ban directly from the chat command
· unbans are recorded, and a reson must be given
· get a list of bans applying to a given nick or ip
· banlist in stored in mysql, can be managed through the WWW interface


· 10 redirect addresses
· ops enter full hub
· operators hierarchy
· allowed characters for nicks
· option - force nick prefix
· option - force Country code ncik prefix
· multiple listen ports
· bind to a given ip
· a realy basic hublist registering :-| TODO better one


UNIX machine (windows comming hopefully soon) tested on linuxes, debians, freebsd
A Little bit of hardware resources Example: max 3000 users hub has been tested on Pentium III 450MHz, 128MB RAM
Network, with any TCP port you choose for your hub Standard is 411. NOTE: on unix port < 1024 need root privileges, or a NAT forwarding.
MYSQL you need a running MySQL server on same machine or on a machine near to it, for a fast network access even that i'm trying to reduce as much as possible the sql requests, a slow access tot he database may produce lags on your hub..
A MySQL datbase access once you have a server, you need a created database (if you have root access, verlihub provides a shell script that creates the database for you)
Some installed libraries pcre, GeoIP, MySQL of course, crypt in order to compile verlihub you will need the -devel versions of these libs
Last updated on July 20th, 2009

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