VCD-db 0.991

VCD-db is a Free web based software that lets you manage your DVD/VCD/CDs collection on your own website.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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VCD-db Team
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VCD-db is a Free web based software that lets you manage your DVD/VCD/CDs collection on your own website.

VCD-db can easily add new movies with 2 clicks, movie data is automatically fetched for you from IMDB and/or other sources. VCD-db is highly flexible, runs on multiple database platforms such as ....

MySQL 3.x
MySQL 4.x
MSSQL 7 and 2000
IBM DB2 7.2 and up

Oracle support is in the making and should be available in future release.

VCD-db runs on Unix/Linux machines and Windows machines, and has been tested both on Apache 1.3x and 2.0. VCD-db also runs smoothly on IIS.

VCD-db supports multiple users so your friends can also register on your VCD-db web and start their own catalog, which can then be compared to yours for conveniance.

VCD-db has a built in loan system so you can now easily keep track of all the CD's you lend to friends and family, and even send automatic emails to ask them to return your CD's.

User catalogs can easily be exported and saved in numerious ways, such as Excel, XML and can even be exported and then imported to another VCD-db site without any hassle.

Multiple language support.

VCD-db has already been translated to English, Icelandic, Finnish, German, Dutch, French and Bulgarian.

This is just tip of the iceberg of all the features in VCD-db.

Here are some key features of "VCD db":

Enable/disable registration
Switch image storage from database to file-level or vice versa (with all prevoius images conserved)
Change record counts for display on list pages
Enable/disable RSS feed from the site
Enable/disable user RSS feeds
Enable/disable adult movie support
Edit mail settings and test them immediately for verification
Change/add user roles
Manage users, disable accounts and reset passwords
Add user defined user properties
Manage source sites for data retrival
Add/edit movie categories
Add/edit media types
Add/edit cover types
Associate media types to cover types
Manage language files
View site statistics
Import/Export core site data on XML format


Apache 1.3x/2.x on Linux

What's New in This Release:

With the total UI/Presentation layer rewrite in 0.990, some bugs slipped into that release.
All known bugs have been fixed.
All the bugs were minimal, but some more annoying than others.
Non-bug-related updates include updated fetch site classes, 1-click cover download, a cache manager for SOAP-based setups, and more.

Last updated on December 21st, 2007

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