UvumiTools TextArea 1.0.2

A basic textarea with a couple extra features, built with the Mootools Javascript Framework.

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What's new in UvumiTools TextArea 1.0.2:

  • Fixed bug in Opera Browser, improved functionality in IE.
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1 UvumiTools TextArea Screenshot:
UvumiTools TextArea - UvumiTools Textarea example
UvumiTools Textarea is a basic textarea with a couple extra features, built with the Mootools Javascript Framework. The project doesn't have any WYSIWG formatting features, because we like to keep things simple. So it's just a basic element, the kind you would find in, say, a comment form or a feedback page. It features a fancy remaining countdown of how many characters are still available, which isn't really anything new, we just use a nifty progress-style indicator instead of simply a number.

We feel that having a visual indicator of how much space is remaining in the textarea makes it easier for web users to plan what they are going to write, which helps provide an more pleasing overall experience at your web site. Remove some text from the above example and start typing to see just how it works, or paste a huge blob into the empty textarea. Works well, doesn't it?

Finally, we really like Apple's Safari browser feature that lets you resize textareas. As a web designer you may not want a huge textarea taking up half of the page, but you also don't want to restrict the user to a little tiny box for typing comments or descriptions. At first we added small buttons to manually grow and shrink the textarea, but then we decided those buttons were not even necessary since we could just make the textarea auto-adjust to its content. Sure, it's a gadget, but it's built in, so it just works without any hassles on your part.

Last updated on October 2nd, 2008

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