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An easy-to-set up and easy-to-use PHP/MySQL bulletin board system.





UseBB project is an easy-to-set up and easy-to-use PHP/MySQL bulletin board system with several user and administration possibilities, especially designed for small to medium sized Web sites which do not need the overdose of features found in other forum

Here are some key features of "UseBB":

Special Characteristics

- Free, as in freeware
- UseBB can be obtained completely free without having to pay any fees for support, future and development versions, etc.
- Free, as in freedom
- UseBB is developed as Open Source software, anyone can help develop it and write additional features, templates, etc.

Installation & Upgrading

- Installing and upgrading UseBB using handy wizards
- Can set many configuration options during installation
- Can delete itself after installation process

Categories and Forums

- Board can be divided into an unlimited number of categories and forums
- Per-forum configuration options and permissions


- Level-based permissions for posting, moderating, ...
- An unlimited or maximum number of replies can be set per forum
- Supports the use of BBCode and smilies in posts
- Posting flood protection

Member Features

- Unlimited number of members possible
- Each member has his/her own personal profile page
- Many profile fields possible (such as ICQ#, location, age, real name ...)
- Set up your displayed name in your own language (even Russian or Chinese)
- Supports off-site avatars

Moderation Features

- Moderators can be set per forum
- Can move/close/reopen/delete topics
- Can edit/delete posts
- Can post/edit/delete/... sticky topics

Administration Interface

- Set various configuration options
- Create/edit/delete categories and forums
- Prune forums (topics) and members
- Send newsletters to members
- Set up bad word censors
- Edit/delete members
- Ban by membername, e-mail address or IP address
- and much, much more...

Various Features

- Powerful cross-forum search engine
- Topic subscriptions via e-mail and on-line overview
- Built-in frequently asked questions
- Active topics listing (in HTML and RSS 2.0 format)
- Powerful output compression using gzip
- Flawless support for uncommon character sets
- Search engine friendly .html URL's

Styles and Customization

- UseBB uses seperated HTML and PHP for optimal performance
- Interface can be modified and translated using templates and language packs
- Default templates use standards compliant XHTML 1.0 and CSS



- HTTP server supporting PHP
- PHP 4.1.0
- MySQL 3.23


- GNU/Linux operating system
- Recent Apache HTTPD version
- Recent PHP 4 version
- Including multibyte string support (mbstring)
- Recent MySQL 4 version


- PHP must be compiled with or have auto-loaded extensions for session, PCRE and mysql support in order for UseBB to work.
- mod_rewrite is required for friendly URL�s (*.html).
- ZLib support in PHP is required for certain output compression levels to work.
- For PHP 5 support: please read UseBB on PHP5.
- UseBB is confirmed to work on Microsoft Windows.
Last updated on May 6th, 2012

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