Unnoc is a tool designed to integrate traffic graphs (RRDTool) with SNMP host checking and monitoring.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jason Schoonover
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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Unnoc is a tool designed to integrate traffic graphs (RRDTool) with SNMP host checking and monitoring. It uses native SNMP to monitor servers, WAPs, routers, and switches. Sends out alert emails and pages as well.

Here are some key features of "Unnoc":

Monitoring for Linux/UNIX and Microsoft Servers/Workstations:
Process monitoring
CPU Load / Load Average
Memory Usage
Disk Usage
Disk I/O Counters
Network Interface traffic

Completely integrated with RRD for all graphs
Configurable Email alerts for all devices monitored
Uptime monitor plugin, displays the mean/min/max time of all uptimes
Throughput display for any device that can monitor SNMP interfaces
Flexible and completely customizeable configuration

Application specific plugins for:
VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (ESX and VirtualCenter)
Barracuda SPAM Firewalls
Cisco Aironets
Apple Airports
APC Smart-UPSs (single and 3 phase units)
Network Appliance Filers
EM01 Websensor Environment Monitor

What's New in This Release:

This version is bug fix release only, it has a few VMware and Netapp bug fixes and a few various RRDTool bugfixes as well.

Bug Fixes:

Updated mysql_table; was missing last_success column. It existed in the update sql file, but missing in the original install file; fixed.
RRDTool blank data source; if a data source fed to the RRDtool library was blank, then the library would skip the number; now it will set the data equal to unknown ('U')

Netapp bugfix: wrong OID used for Low order Used KB:
should be

VMware VI3 fix: comma separated values in some returned data; Some data values from VMware SDK are value,value (two values are returned. If this was the case, RRDTool would not update the the RRD; this has been updated to take the first value
Minor bugfix for VMware VI display--CPU graphs were not displayed properly on main display page for the VCMS server (Windows CPU graphs); this is fixed.
Netapp bugfix: negative numbers in Netapp volumes and aggregates (due to Netapp bug 80268).

Last updated on October 11th, 2007

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