Ujorm 1.42

The object-relation mapping for the UJO

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What's new in Ujorm 1.42:

  • Native database sequences are supported by the new class 'NativeDbSequencer'.
  • The operator 'BinaryOperator.NOT' is supported in the ORM module now.
  • The method KeyRing.find(..) is improved for parsing of composite Keys.
  • The PropertyModifier class is redesigned for cleaner code and better performance.
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The Apache License 2.0 
Paul Ponec
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Ujorm - Basic interfaces (Class diagram)Ujorm - Simplified ClassModel Ujorm
Ujorm is an quick and easy-to-use ORM solution for Java with a small footprint. Some of its features are type safe parameters in queries, a memory overloading protection cache and relation mapping by Java code rather through proxy objects or entity states.

Why a new ORM mapping?

* framework has a type safe query language which allows the java compiler find a syntax error similar like a 4GL language
* never more a LazyInitialization exception though a lazy initialization is supported
* no confusing proxy business objects
* no list properties are supported but a special object called UjoIterator is designed for a collection. The UjoIterator provides a toList() method for example
* easy to configure the ORM model by java source code, optionally by annotations and a XML file
* great performance, e.g. multi SELECT is eight times faster in comparison with Hibernate
* small size of JAR file and no more library dependencies

Last updated on May 14th, 2013

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